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Free Business Number for Croydon’s Small Businesses

Free Business Number for Croydon’s Small Businesses
Mar 23, 2016 Shaking Hands 0 comments

Free Business Number with Mobile Office System for Croydon’s Small Businesses

On the mobile system, Dragon Den’s Piers Linney is “gutted” he didn’t think of it first

A new business hub for Croydon’s 13,500 small businesses is launching its interactive service today with a remarkable offer for firms in the local area … a free business number with a mobile office system that could slash thousands of pounds off their office communication costs each year.

The mobile system allows small businesses to cut the cord with classic telephone systems and operate in a smarter way at lower cost.

The business hub is called Shaking Hands. Based in Croydon, the firm has been quietly building its links with local businesses over the past months. Formally launched today, Shaking Hands is an interactive partnership offering members the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, meet and shape Croydon’s future together.

Instead of navigating a harsh business world alone, members use the Shaking Hands interactive partnership platform to stay updated, out of hot water, share their expertise, minimise overheads, become well connected locally and optimise the smooth-running of their business.

… “I’m gutted” says Dragon Piers Linney

The stunning offer of a free business number with the mobile office system for Croydon’s SMEs is a smartphone app called App2Chat and was launched at The Business Show last December by the Pink Telephone Company. Since then, over 400 SMEs across Britain have been piloting the system and Shaking Hands has become a Pink reseller for the Croydon area.

Robert O’Sullivan, Co-Director of Shaking Hands, says “When we overheard Dragon Piers Linney on Pink’s booth at The Business Show say “I’m gutted I didn’t think of it first,” we knew that App2Chat was something special. We’ve no doubt that our Croydon members will be able to smarten their everyday business operations with the app, and help bring business communication in Croydon into the twenty-first century.”

With the App2Chat installed on smartphones, SME office and field personnel have the equivalent of a fully blown mobile switchboard in the palm of their hands with all the features of a classic cord-based PBX for use at any time or location.

App2Chat features include a smartnumber that sits on a personal or company subsidized smartphone SIM to make and receive business calls. The number is seen by recipients as the “official” office number. For private calls and data, the user simply uses his/her SIM in the usual way and has a personal space within the app for this purpose.

App2Chat features include voicemail, auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding and call recording and the ability to have multiple phone numbers sitting on one device to make business or personal calls. A further stand-out feature is the availability of landline numbers for more than 65 countries worldwide. Existing numbers can also be transferred to App2Chat quickly and the system is scalable enabling new contacts to be added into the mobile office system with a few clicks.

No capital investment is needed whatsoever with App2Chat, allowing telecoms budgets to be allocated elsewhere in the business. The service does not impact on data usage or incur data charges. When travelling overseas, App2Chat works over that country’s GSM network or Wi-Fi zones.

The offer of a free business number with App2Chat is valid for three months and is part of a free trial membership of the Shaking Hands platform and expires on 21st June. Croydon SMEs can join Shaking Hands and obtain the free business number (insert contact details here).

About Shaking Hands

For small-medium businesses in Croydon, Shaking Hands will be a lifeline to remaining informed on what is happening now, and what is to come. From pension regulations and apprenticeship programmes to billion-pound developments and local breaking-news, small-medium businesses in Croydon cannot afford to remain out of the loop. Visit


Note for editors

According to research from Kew Associates in 2014, the average spend per SME employee on telecom services is £600 per annum. Travel agencies spend more per annum (£1,000) per employee, whereas accommodation services spend less per annum per employee (£230). With ten employees, the average saving by using the mobile office communication system is £6,000 per annum.

For further information, please contact:

Laurence Grant,

Co-Director, Shaking Hands,


Hugh Paterson, CEO, Whoosh PR

Direct Landline +44 (0)1323 318720, Mobile +44 (0)77681 75452