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We host parties, team socials and corporate events.

We are London's premier virtual reality (VR) gaming, bar and events space with a late night entertainment license to cater for all our customers needs. Our LVR basement lounge bar is quickly becoming a space to celebrate the diversity in art, visual talent and vinyl music to found across the UK and beyond. Each month we showcase it to stimulate your senses! We've teamed up with the Love Cronx DJs because they know how to party.....experience it all in the real and virtual spaces of the Limitless-VR venue.

Our first fully air-conditioned VR Café & Bar is designed for an incredible customer experience. Rather than watching, step inside the experience instead with our immersive in-headset VR game launcher. Shot zombies, watch short films, music videos and create a 3D masterpiece. There’s something for everyone.

Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology and our brilliant knack for curating bizarre content from across the world, the team at Limitless-VR have put together a totally unique entertainment venue that can't be found anywhere else in the South-East.