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‘Croydon vs the World’ fashion label launched to celebrate town

‘Croydon vs the World’ fashion label launched to celebrate town
May 23, 2016 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published on The Croydon Advertiser on 23/05/2016

‘Croydon vs the World’ fashion label launched to celebrate town

The man behind Croydon Tech City has created a fashion label to encourage people to take pride in the town.

Jonny Rose, founder of CTC, launched the Croydon vs the World today after coming up with the idea just three weeks ago.

The line makes t-shirts and hoodies all carrying the company’s slogan, inspired by similar designs which have sprung up across the world for places like Toronto and Detroit.

Rob Wilson Jnr – Fluid4Sight

“It’s an ethos of hometown pride,” Jonny said. “The perception of Croydon used to be that it isn’t the most glamorous of areas and that there are cooler places in and outside of London.

“Before you could accuse people like myself of being on a massive PR campaign with no facts or data.

“But I think now there is such a wind of change in Croydon.”

Jonny believes his label is the first ever to include Croydon in the title and celebrates all the “compelling things” going on in the borough at the moment.

Rob Wilson Jnr – Fluid4Sight

He said: “Croydon Tech City is London’s fastest growing tech cluster. If you look at the art scene you have someone like Kevin at RISE gallery who has commissioned 100 public murals, and there is the potential for the UK’s largest underground art gallery.

“Then there are things such as our dubstep legacy, people like Benga and Skream.

“Now is a really good time to engender that town pride.”

Among Croydon’s success stories are rapper Krept and Konan who Jonny plans to ask to make a Croydon vs the World music video.

“This is a great place where people can come and make something of themselves and we should stop the narrative of pretending we’re not from Croydon,” he added.

There will be a launch for the label at RISE gallery on Friday, June 3, at 7pm at Rise gallery, with live music, MCs and DJs. For more information click here.