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What’s going on at Croydon Tiger Tiger as workmen move in?

What’s going on at Croydon Tiger Tiger as workmen move in?
Jul 22, 2016 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published on The Croydon Advertiser on 22/07/2016

What’s going on at Croydon Tiger Tiger as workmen move in?

Workmen have moved in to start gutting Tiger Tiger – once the largest and most popular nightclub in Croydon.

The nightclub, once the town’s largest and most well-known venue, closed its doors for the final time in January.

It is thought that declining footfall meant the 2,340-capacity venue was no longer profitable.

When it closed in January, Josh Currey, a senior sales rep at the club, told the Advertiser the closure was “a long time coming”.

“We’re a really big venue, with such high rent, and we’re just not making the money we need to survive. It’s a big shame. It’s going to be missed,” he added.

This week, crews from NDTL Contracts moved in and could be seen working to strip out fixtures and fittings from the club.

Workmen have started refurbishing Croydon Tiger TigerIt is not yet known what the building, part of the Grants entertainment complex in the High Street, is likely to be converted to.

The closure of the club was said to be a significant blow to the town’s nighttime economy, after numberous other clubs and pubs have closed in the town centre over the past five years, including the Black Sheep Bar, Shoosh and Yates’s.

How the interior of Tiger Tiger used to lookLicensees, promoters and performers said the closure of Tiger Tiger was the “final nail in the coffin” for the town’s nightlife.

However, council leader Tony Newman said the closure of the “dated” club was the sign that Croydon was changing for the better, with the emergence of a new, family-friendly nighttime economy.