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How Croydon residents could get millions of bus and tram journeys for FREE from Monday

How Croydon residents could get millions of bus and tram journeys for FREE from Monday
Sep 06, 2016 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published on The Croydon Advertiser on 06/09/2016

How Croydon residents could get millions of bus and tram journeys for FREE from Monday

​Millions of bus journeys will become free on Monday thanks to the new “Hopper” ticket introduced by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The new ticket provides two journeys for the price of one within an hour on the bus or tram across London.

In effect, it is estimated about 30 million bus journeys –which currently cost £1.50 – will become free when the scheme comes into force on September 12.

The way it works is that if travellers paying for their bus or tram journey through contactless payment tap in for two trips within an hour, they will get the second one for free.

For example, someone heading to East Croydon from London Bridge would require the 133 bus to Streatham and then the 109 to East Croydon. If they did the trip inside of an hour they would only pay for one bus ride.

The scheme is the start of a planned change to travel fares which could see passengers get unlimited journeys in an hour all for the price of one.

Mr Khan said: “From my first week as Mayor, I was determined to get on with the job of cutting the cost of transport in London. I’m delighted to announce that from next Monday, the ‘Hopper’ ticket will allow Londoners to change buses for free within an hour, cutting travel costs for millions of bus users.

“The new ‘Hopper’ ticket means 30 million bus journeys every year will now become free – journeys that currently cost people £1.50. Alongside our commitment to freeze all TfL fares, the start of the Hopper next Monday is a key part of our plans to make it more affordable to live and work in London.”

Transport for London is now working on the next stage of the scheme – unlimited bus and tram journeys within an hour. Currently the technology to make this possible is not available, but transport bosses hope to have it up and running by 2018.

On top of that, they hope to also include the Tube or train in the “Hopper” ticket by 2018.

London’s transport commissioner, Mike Brown, said: “I’m delighted we have been able to deliver this key commitment to London by the Mayor swiftly, enabling us to better meet the needs of those Londoners who live or work in areas which aren’t as well served by Tube or rail services.”

It is hoped the new scheme will help encourage people to use public transport rather than cars, thereby improving air quality in the city.