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The new artisan bakery that has opened in Croydon town centre

The new artisan bakery that has opened in Croydon town centre
Nov 15, 2016 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published on The Croydon Advertiser on 08/11/2016

The new artisan bakery that has opened in Croydon town centre

A bakery producing artisan bread to French recipes has arrived in Croydon.

If you commute to the coast, you may be familiar with The Real Patisserie which has a stall at Brighton Station.

The company also has three shops across Brighton and one in Shoreham in Sussex.

Now it is also in Croydon’s Surrey Street Market, where it has been for several weeks. You’ll find the stall near the Green Dragon end of the market.

You can choose from a variety of loafsAl Focquaert, who set up the Brighton Station outlet seven years ago, is managing the new Croydon stall, with help from his assistant Pete Noakes.

Both are originally from Croydon and it was Al’s idea to open a stall in the town, having seen a newspaper article about plans to improve Surrey Street Market.

The bread at The Real Patisserie is all handmade, using traditional European recipes.

A lot of the breads made by the bakers at The Real Patisserie are based on French recipes, such as the chewy brown loaf.

On the stall, you will also find a Scandinavian bread and you will probably recognise the Italian focaccia.

Al said of their products: “It tastes like real homemade bread. I would say it’s extremely delicious.”

He continued: “I would say it is proper quality and proper taste, the old fashioned way. How bread really should be made. That is why our company is called The Real Patisserie. It is like the way bread really should be made.”

The stall also sells pastries such croissants – including the company’s famous almond croissants made to a traditional French recipe – pain au chocolat, pain au raisins, raspberry Danish pastries and apricot Danish pastries.


Maybe you’ll find something different for lunch todayFor those on a wheat free diet it has spelt loaf and rye and sough dough loaf.

However, it doesn’t yet have gluten free bread.

Al said he has been getting great feedback from his customers and suggested readers taste it for themselves.

“Try a loaf and let me know what you think and come back next time.”