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New Hula Hoops TV advert filmed in Croydon as part of £4.5 million campaign

New Hula Hoops TV advert filmed in Croydon as part of £4.5 million campaign
Mar 20, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 20/03/2017

New Hula Hoops TV advert filmed in Croydon as part of £4.5 million campaign

The latest Hula Hoops advert was filmed at a former Barclays Bank in Croydon

There is a good chance you will have seen the new Hula Hoops TV advert where a hapless bank robber is foiled by a worker with the ring crisps on her fingers, but you are unlikely to have realised it was filmed in Croydon.

KP Snacks, which make the crisps, has launched a new £4.5 million marketing campaign – the biggest ever for the brand – and the advert filmed in the borough was first shown at the start of March.

The former Barclays Bank on the junction of Brighton Road and Warham Road, in South Croydon, was used as the location for the advert when filming took place on January 19.

The bank is renamed West Heath Bank in the advert, where a hapless robber races in with a banana tucked inside a sock demanding money from the bank clerk.

Despite the threatening demand, the bank clerk says “sorry love” because she has her “hands full” as each finger is covered in a Hula Hoop.

She does eventually raise the alarm after freeing one of her fingers by eating one of the Hula Hoops and soon enough the police cars pull up outside.

The campaign coincides with new Hula Hoops packaging to improve shelf stand-out and provide a “modern new look” across the range.

FilmFixer, which is contracted by Croydon Council to manage filming on council land and public roads as well as arranging private shoots, organised the filming for the advert.

The outside of the former Barclays Bank (top) was given a digital makeover for the advertAndrew Pavord, FilmFixer director, said: “This is a very endearing use of a former bank, it looks just the part of course and the fact that the robbery is all in good fun made it easy for us to approve this production coming in to film.

“It’s a great example of the locations on offer outside the centre of London, where there’s plenty of parking for a production, and minimal disruption to locals. This shoot was completed in as little as one day.”


The former Barclays Bank in South Croydon was used for the advert.