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Croydon’s new trampoline park is opening this Saturday

Croydon’s new trampoline park is opening this Saturday
Apr 05, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 04/04/2017.

Croydon’s new trampoline park is opening this Saturday

Croydon’s first trampoline park will be opening to the public on Saturday (April 8) – two days earlier than planned.

Oxygen Freejumping is offering 10 per cent off its normal prices throughout this first weekend if you mention the code BUZZING on arrival.

On Saturday (April 8) the new trampoline park, in The Colonnades, off Purley Way, is open from 9am to 3pm (although you need to arrive before 2pm).

And on Sunday (April 9) it will be open from 9am to 9pm (with anyone who wants to jump having to arrive by 8pm).

Oxygen Freejumping was originally due to open on Monday (April 10),

But today (Tuesday) the company, which has trampoline parks across the county, announced that it had taken the decision to open early.

Oxygen Freejumping promises the park will be its most action-packed ever, with a dozen different zones.

It will include a football pitch-sized area of more than 100 “freejumping trampolines” where you can jump your way from trampoline to trampoline, vault the podiums, twist down the tumble tracks and rebound off the walls – which are also trampolines.

Even tiny tots can get involved – children aged five and under can join one of the toddler sessions and burn off their energy in a soft play area which is unique to the Croydon centre.

You can book to have a children’s party there too – with your guests having an hour to explore the whole park before tea in the party room.

A giant airbag area allows you to practice daring tricks in the knowledge you will have a safe squishy landing.

Fancy yourself as Spiderman? Walk the Wall is where jumpers bounce up and plant their feet vertically on a wall and try and walk up it.

How quick are your reflexes? The trampoline park will have a speed reaction wall game to challenge visitors to test their response time by jumping up and down and hitting the flashing lights when they appear on a board.

Serious jumpers will be able to bounce on the Olympic standard performance gymnastics trampolines.

Perhaps you might want to book yourself into the School of Trampolining to see how it is really done.

A game inspired by quidditch, from Harry Potter, has been invented, called Aeroball – a two-person game where each player aims to throw a ball past their opponent and into a goal over a net barrier.

Oxygen Free Jumping has teamed up with adventurer Bear Grylls to launch Bear Grylls Fitness – an obstacle training course which tests strength, endurance, flexibility and skill.

You can traverse the ninja rings, power up the summit steps and scale a vertical wall.

There will be a climbing wall, climbing towers and other enticingly-named features such as hang tough, the slack line and the battle beam.

Bored of your usual exercise classes? You might want to book on to one with a bit of bounce.

There are lots of activities planned for the Easter holidays too – you can find out more at

David Stalker, CEO of Oxygen Freejumping, said: “We are really excited to be continuing our expansion across London, with Oxygen Croydon ready to leap into action this Saturday.

“We have set about building something that will truly surprise everyone, and can’t wait to open the doors and see the first customers enjoying themselves.

“Oxygen Croydon will be more than just trampolining, it is a centre for fitness programmes, aspiring gymnasts and, of course, huge numbers of people just looking to have fun at events, dodgeball leagues and freejumping sessions.

“The Bear Grylls obstacle course gives all of our freejumpers the opportunity to get fit and try to overcome the same type of obstacles that Bear encounters in the wild.”

Explaining the aim of the partnership with Oxygen, Bear Grylls said: “Our goal is to help people build the strength, flexibility and fitness to empower them to live their adventures to the max.

“Whether it’s climbing a mountain, completing a charity obstacle race or simply playing sports with our kids, we all have goals and adventures that inspire us.

“Bear Grylls Fitness is about training you to move with speed, agility, balance and strength.”