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Addiscombe café wants to ‘evolve’ – here’s what it is going to do

Addiscombe café wants to ‘evolve’ – here’s what it is going to do
Apr 12, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 09/04/2017.

Addiscombe café wants to ‘evolve’ – here’s what it is going to do

The general manager of a café in Addiscombe has announced plans to evolve the business into a restaurant after he submitted a licensing application to Croydon Council in a bid to extend trading hours.

Jim McFadyen, who owns The Tram Stop café on Lower Addiscombe Road, hopes to “bring something different” to the area by providing a venue for local people to enjoy a drink or eat out without having to go into town or further afield.

At the moment the café is open from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 5pm, and is closed on Sundays.

Mr McFadyen wants to serve alcohol with meals, as well as shift the opening time to 10am and the closing time to 11pm.

Mr McFadyen said that he isn’t looking to pre-empt any decisions and also doesn’t want to promise any plans at the moment, but he does want to “evolve the café into a restaurant”.

He added: “The Addiscombe area is changing, we have quite a lot of young professional couples who wouldn’t mind going somewhere locally for a glass of wine and a beer with a meal.

“We do breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea and cakes really well [during the day] but we don’t have a menu at the moment for in the evenings. I am speaking to some chefs and we are keen to open up in the evenings.

“There’s a lack of places in the area at the moment for people to go out and have a drink that aren’t a pub. Customers have already mentioned this to us, so what we are trying to do is just fill that little gap.

“Our business rates have also gone up by 50 per cent, so we need to find a way of meeting that as well.

“We’ve been open for nearly three years, people know what we do and who we are through word of mouth, but we just feel it is time to give it a bit of a nudge as we are well located next to Addiscombe tram stop.”

The Tram Stop café, which opened in May 2014, has also applied to the council for a licence to stage live music, although Mr McFadyen said he currently has no plans to host such entertainment.

He said: “We wanted to fill the application with everything which we might use over the next five years. We have at present no intention of having live music in the café, but these timings and types of licence will allow us to provide that facility should it be required in the future.

“I also don’t think we will open seven days a week, or even [the] times [asked for]. The application is to give us as much flexibility as possible and see where it leaves us.

“Everything should be in place for the summer months, maybe even next month – but I am mindful that I don’t want to pre-empt or promise anything just yet.”

You can view the licensing application here.