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Charity seeking to save life of Croydon TV star tells well-wishers – ‘you can save him’

Charity seeking to save life of Croydon TV star tells well-wishers – ‘you can save him’
Apr 25, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 24/04/2017.

Charity seeking to save life of Croydon TV star tells well-wishers – ‘you can save him’

The charity seeking to save the life of leukaemia suffering Croydon dad Delroy Anglin who achieved fame as a bailiff on a TV show have told his thousands of well-wishers “you can save him”‘.

Mr Anglin who found unexpected fame on Channel 5 show Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!, was diagnosed with a devastating blood cancer in November last year.

Doctors have scoured the world for a donor to help him, but now charity leaders have said it is down to the public to help save his life..

The popular dad-of-six who was born and bred in Croydon has undergone agonising chemotherapy to help halt the disease, but only one thing can reverse what he calls a “death sentence”.

At 56-years-old the dad-of-six is in the tragic position of knowing the condition is terminal unless a donor can be found for a vital bone marrow transplant.

But as a man of Afro-Caribbean descent, finding a match is extremely difficult – the numbers of minority ethnic people on the donor register is very low.

Doctors have searched the worldwide register of stem cell (bone marrow) donors, but have not found a single match for Mr Anglin.

His heart-breaking position has touched thousands, who have shared their best wishes online and volunteered their help.

Leaders of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) have now told the well-wishers – including Advertiser readers – that they can make the difference.

“My hope is that the amazing response turns to action, because one of those people could save him,” said Ronke Oke of ACLT.

“Delroy clearly has a lot of fans from the show, and a lot of people who have simply been touched by his situation.

“The response to Delroy’s story has been amazing.

“We’ve had calls coming into the office with people asking how they can help, and we have seen thousands of people responding to his story on social media.

“We’re hoping that these people join the donor’s register.

“We know that there are no matches out there for Delroy now. One of these new people signing up because of Delroy’s story could be a match, and be able to save him.

“That’s what we’re trying to do here.”

The race is on to find a match for Mr Anglin and the charity is encouraging more people to register and find out if they could be the perfect donor.

For caucasian people with the leukaemia the Croydon dad suffers from, ALT, the chances of finding a match for stem cells (bone marrow) are somewhere between 60% and 90%.

However, for people of Afro-Caribbeain people, the chances are only around 20% due to the low numbers registered to donate.

Mrs Oke, who began the #Match4Delroy campaign to find a donor, said; “Those who have heard his story can join the register, and can help not just Delroy, but be in a position to help thousands of other people.”

Delroy has said he doesn’t want to worry his 82-year-old mum with his condition, and has been bravely facing the fight with blood cancer.

Those wishing to join the register to see if they can help the Croydon man, now a grandfather, can find information here: