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Weather forecast for the rest of the summer shows more showers could hit Croydon

Weather forecast for the rest of the summer shows more showers could hit Croydon
Jul 31, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 30/07/2017.

Weather forecast for the rest of the summer shows more showers could hit Croydon

Croydon residents have been experiencing somewhat changeable weather of late with heavy showers interspersed with warm sunshine.

And despite the calendar heading into peak British summer time forecasters are warning the changeable weather could last a little while longer yet.

However once we get into mid to late August sunnier, drier spells could become more of the norm.

A long-range weather forecast for the rest of the British summer has been released by the Met Office with heavy showers predicted between the sunshine.

The Met Office’s long-range weather page provides the current forecast for between the next 6 to 30 days.

Its whole UK outlook for between Friday, August 4 and Sunday August 13 predicts “changeable” weather with heavy thunderstorms considered likely for parts of the country.

Despite the risk of rain the forecast also predicts that temperatures will remain “normal” for August so there may be a chance to get out your bucket and spade between the shower dodging.

The forecast states: “Friday and Saturday is likely to see a continuation of sunshine and showers for many areas, with the showers heaviest and most frequent in the northwest with the risk of thunder.

“There is also a low risk of some more prolonged rain moving into the far south for a time.

“Thereafter it looks likely to remain fairly changeable across the UK, with spells of rain or showers mixed with some drier and brighter interludes.

“The north and west are likely to see the most frequent rain, with the south and east seeing the best of any drier weather.

“Temperatures will stay close to normal for August, but it will feel cooler in showers and stronger winds, however in the drier and sunnier interludes it will feel rather warm.”

The forecast also provides the Met Office’s outlook for the rest of August and predicts that the changeable weather is more than likely for most of the country to continue between August 14 and August 28.

However for the south it is predicted that the frequency of drier sunnier spells is likely to increase though this is protected by the caveat that the further you look into the future the harder it is to predict the weather.

The forecast states: “As we head into the middle of August, there are some signs that southern areas may see a greater frequency of drier and sunnier spells, but elsewhere is likely to remain on the changeable side with bands of rain interspersed with sunshine and showers.

“Temperatures are likely to remain on the cool side for many, but southern areas are likely to feel warmer in the drier and sunnier spells.

“Later in August, confidence reduces significantly, but a northwest-southeast split is probable, with the northwest seeing the most frequent wet weather, with the southeast seeing the best of the drier and brighter interludes.”