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Croydon MP wants to meet community groups tackling knife crime in Croydon

Croydon MP wants to meet community groups tackling knife crime in Croydon
Aug 03, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 02/08/2017.

​Croydon MP wants to meet community groups tackling knife crime in Croydon

Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones will spend the summer meeting with community groups who are working to reduce knife crime in Croydon.

The programme, called ‘Croydon Voice’, will gather evidence of what is at the root cause of the issue after a 94 per cent increase during the last year in offences.

Mrs Jones attended a meeting set up by Another Night of Sisterhood (ANOS) and LIONS – two resident led self-funded groups who want to address the social issues behind the rise.

One resident urged MPs, councillors and police to make an actual difference in working with these groups.

This comes after borough commander Jeff Boothe said working with groups who are making a difference and coordinating them could be key to solving youth violence.

Mrs Jones wants to hear from similar grassroot groups or victims of knife crime who can help.

Sarah Jones, left, with the borough commander Jeff Boothe and community groups at a meeting on knife crime and youth violence.The second stage of Croydon Voice will see Jones take the issues and evidence gathered during these meetings back to parliament as part of setting up an All Party Parliamentary Group on knife crime.

Mrs Jones, who was elected seven weeks ago, said: “It was inspiring to meet ANOS and the LIONS and hear about their work. These are local people doing extraordinary things to support families and rebuild trust amongst young people in their community. It was valuable to hear first-hand what could be done to enable groups like this to help even more people.

“Croydon Voice is about using my platform as MP to amplify the voice of groups like ANOS and the LIONS, of those experiencing knife crime, and fighting for change.

“Across August and September I will be meeting people across our community and have already begun approaching various groups and individuals.

“However, I know there are many more groups and individuals doing important work in this area, or experiencing this tragic issue first-hand. If that is you, please get in touch – I want to hear from you.”

To get in touch with Mrs Jones, email