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Crackdown on Kodi users continues but these add-ons still work

Crackdown on Kodi users continues but these add-ons still work
Aug 05, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 04/08/2017.

Crackdown on Kodi users continues but these add-ons still work

Millions of people who use Kodi boxes are set to be hit as part of the continued crackdown on people streaming content from it illegally – but there are some add-ons that still work.

The free and open-source media player software application is itself not illegal, but is used by many people who stream content not legally obtained.

Millions of users have already been blocked from stream add-on services – but some add-ons are still working.

Kodi is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, as TV and film fans look for instant solutions for their viewing habits.

But more and more add-ons for the service are shutting down amid the clampdown, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Now, those who use Kodi boxes have endured another blow after TVAddons, the main library for add-ons, suddenly closed down.

The library boasted 1,500 diverse Kodi additional items, many of which enabled clients to watch content- be it films or TV shows.

This incorporated the Exodus add-on, which is among the most used by Kodi users.

FACT chief executive, Kieron Sharp, said: “This is not a grey area and anyone using a device to illegally access film, TV, or sports, is breaking the law.

“Recent rulings have clarified that selling a device pre-configured to access copyrighted material is illegal and that consumers watching content via these devices without a legitimate subscription are also breaking the law.

“These add-ons have made it incredibly easy for consumers to access illegal content via the Kodi platform. This was their principal function and it’s a good step to see them shutting down in the face of perfectly valid legal pressure.

“We will continue to work with The Premier League, Sky, BT Sport, Virgin Media and the film industry to crack down on these illegal streams.”

According to internet forums, a number of previously shut-down streams are now back online, including:

UK Turk’s Playlists

1Channel and SALTS have been updated and now in a new repository

Zen has been updated and renamed

Noobs and Nerds Repo is back with an alternative URL

Specto Fork

BoB Unrestricted add-on is back and working with an alternative URL


Wolf Pack

Openload Movies



Genesis Reborn