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Another Boxpark-style food mall is set to open in south London

Another Boxpark-style food mall is set to open in south London
Aug 08, 2017 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 07/08/2017.

Another Boxpark-style food mall is set to open in south London

Developers have revealed that they want to build a food mall similar to Croydon’s Boxpark elsewhere in south London.

Based in Camberwell, the new attraction would feature 14 retail units centred around a community seating area.

Rolfe Judd, the planning firm behind the proposal, has likened the venue, which has been named Camberwell Yards, to the existing Boxparks in Croydon and Shoreditch, but said this project will be more “community focussed”.

Both Boxpark venues have proved to be popular with commuters and young crowds since they opened in 2016 and 2011 respectively.

The plan for Camberwell Yards states: “Similar to the successful concepts already established at Shoreditch and Croydon, the proposal for Camberwell will provide opportunities for independent businesses to provide food and drink and local enterprise /commercial facilities to the local area.”

Speaking at a public meeting last month, Chris Horn, a planning consultant working on the project, said: “In terms of what’s on offer, we want there to be space for community use, and we want the shops and any food sellers to be independent and affordable and for it to have a bit of a buzz.

“We have done traffic surveys and work on noise, and we think it would actually be a lot quieter than what it’s used for now, which is as a loading bay for the shops.”

An artist’s impression of the proposed Camberwell Yards.Of the 14 units, the proposal indicates that four will be dedicated to food and drink, eight to local retailers, one to community use and one to toilet facilities.

Developers also want the central communal seating area to have “flexible uses” and for it to be used it as a pop-up cinema at times.

Like Boxpark Croydon, the units at Camberwell Yards would be built from metal shipping containers and the attraction would be temporary.

A planning application has not yet been submitted for the site, which is currently a small car park next to a Morrisons supermarket owned by Mumbo Jumbo World Ltd – the firm which also owns the nearby Butterfly Walk shopping centre.

“We would like to get a planning application in by early autumn, and if that’s successful we could start building and have it finished in time for summer next year,” a spokesman for Rolfe Judd said at the public meeting.

Boxpark has been contacted for a comment.