The art was painted on Monday (March 26) by street artist Gnasher and shows a huge pair of glowing yellow eyes watching passers-by as they walk through the parade of shops.

It has been put up after Gnasher created another Marvel-themed piece on the same street, namely a colourful image of a mischievous baby Groot.

This huge image showed everyone’s favourite Guardians of the Galaxy character posing with a spray can after tagging the wall with his name.

And these aren’t the first Marvel murals to have been painted in the town centre.

The baby Groot mural is one of the newest arrivals

Last summer, a piece of street art showing Stormzy wearing the Black Panther suit was created by South Croydon artist Kevin Edwards.

But the artwork, which was printed onto paper and then pasted onto a wall in St George’s Walk, is no longer in place.

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