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‘It’s a monstrosity’ – Our readers seem unimpressed with the latest giant tower block planned for Croydon town centre

‘It’s a monstrosity’ – Our readers seem unimpressed with the latest giant tower block planned for Croydon town centre
Jun 12, 2018 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 11/06/2018.

‘It’s a monstrosity’ – Our readers seem unimpressed with the latest giant tower block planned for Croydon town centre

Images showing what the new development on the Wandle Road car park will look like were released last week.

Barely a month seems to pass without a new tower block being approved for Croydon town centre.

They almost always divide opinion.

There are those who love the fact the town is being regenerated or who just think of the jobs that a major new development creates.

But there are also the traditionalists who don’t like the way the town’s character is being transformed.

Views, however, seem a little more one-sided with regards to the latest tower block to be given the go-ahead.

A massive 25-storey tower block has been approved for the Wandle Road car park, right next to Croydon Flyover.

It would create 128 new homes but has been slammed as a “monstrosity” by one reader, with others complaining about the impact it will have on surrounding homes.

Reader Sarah Ikhlef was among those who took to the Croydon Advertiser Facebook page to express their dissatisfaction that the development had been given the green light.

She wrote: “Please tell me where all the residents will park? With this and two [other proposed] new high rises near Leon House, our lovely enclave of existing residents are going to be circled by tower blocks and our local services such as doctors’ and hospitals and schools will be bursting.

“Really Croydon Council, how many more people can you cram into this already rapidly running down town centre?”

The issue of existing homes being overlooked by the new block of flats was a common complaint.

Richard Arthurs-Wood wrote: “There goes my sun. [It is] going to block out all the light. I am not happy. Also, there were 15 objections and only one [letter of] support. What is the point of having your say … they do what they want.”

Some reflected that the tower represented the Croydon of the future – though it does not appear to be a future that many are keen on.

Jo Petrie-Smith wrote: “I hate what Croydon is becoming. I used to get so angry when people slagged off Croydon because it was trendy to do so.

“Now, I am struggling to defend things like this. The building is hateful.”

Colin Windless accepted that new homes need to be created but doesn’t think that means you have to build tower blocks to make room for them.

He wrote: “With all the vacant properties within the borough, why build a monstrosity of a building just to placate the housing shortage.

“Surely the space could be better utilised for facilities for the young of the borough?

“It just may stop some of them going off the rails … but money talks.”

With any new development such as this many of the homes will have to be deemed to be affordable.

But this always raises eye-brows as one person’s definition of affordable is very different to another’s.

And Harry Cambridge is already bracing himself for the how much the development’s affordable flats are likely to cost.

He wrote: “Let me guess, ‘affordable housing’ at £300,000-plus for a single bed flat.”

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