Croydon is famous for its central bustling, sky-scraper lined streets but many landlords seeking competitively-priced property AND top-end rents generally look to its surrounding suburbs for good returns on investment.

This is partly down to transport links. Outer Croydon is peppered with train and tram stops particularly in its northern, southern and western reaches, although in greener areas to the east, less so.

Here we explore some of the different kinds of areas that surround central Croydon from tightly-packed urban streets to leafy suburbs to see which offer the best potential return on investment (ROI) for buy-to-let investors looking for apartments, based on Rightmove figures.


Where: Near Addington Park and golf club, east of central Croydon.

Average price: £254,900



Where: east of central Croydon but not far out enough to be suburban.

Average price: £344,600

Average rent: £1,100pcm

ROI: 3.83% gross per annum


Where: 3.5 miles directly south of Croydon.

Average price for an apartment: £292,400

Average rent: £1,150pcm

ROI: 4.7% gross per annum


Where: Half a mile north of central Croydon.

Average price: £260,900

Average rent: £1,000

ROI: 4.59% gross per annum


(Image: Keith Walter)

Where: West Croydon, 3. 5 miles from centre.

Average price: £254,200

Average rent: £875pcm

ROI: 4.13%

South Croydon

Where: Area directly below centre well known for its strip of restaurants.

Average price: 280,900

Average rent: £1,100

ROI: 4.7% gross per annum

South Norwood

Where: two miles north of centre, near Crystal Palace FC

Average price: £270,500

Average rent: £1,050pcm

ROI: 4.65% gross per annum


Where: four miles west of the centre.

Average price: £264,400

Average rent: £1,000pcm

ROI: 4.53% gross per annum

These figures are averages, of course, but we hope they give you a good steer if you’re looking for some of the more interesting opportunities near Croydon.

Overall the London Borough of Croydon enjoys a price per sq ft that is approaching half that of the Greater London, and that its two-bedroom apartments offer the best returns at 4.3% average annual ROI.

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