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This is why film crews transformed Centrale into an airport

This is why film crews transformed Centrale into an airport
Nov 29, 2018 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 28/11/2018.

This is why film crews transformed Centrale into an airport

Centrale shopping centre was made to look like an airport on Monday November 26.

Did you spot the Centrale shopping centre’s makeover this week?

We brought you photos on Monday (November 26) showing parts of the shopping area dressed up to look like an airport .

There were also film crews and actors hard at work.

In one photo signs has been put up, hanging from the ceiling next to Christmas decorations, which look very much like the sort you would see at an airport building.

One sign read “Terminal A” with an arrow pointing to the left, while another pointed in the other direction, guiding people towards “Trains” and “Taxis”.

The Centrale shopping centre in Croydon hosted film crews and had been made to look like an airport on November 26, 2018

In the middle of the space a film crew was milling around and at the back of the shot people were sitting on chairs with luggage nearby.

In another photo from the shopping centre taken on Monday (November 26) a desk can be seen, set up as though it is an information or check in desk at an airport.

So what was it all for?

A spokeswoman representing Centrale has given us an explanation of the unusual actviity.

But details are still thin on the ground.

She said: “The filming on Monday was a new BBC3 comedy show.”

The fact that it’s a ‘new’ show would rule out any established favourites from the channel – such as Uncle, which has previously filmed scenes locally.

But even our most beloved comedies have to start somewhere.

There was once a time when no one had heard of Peep Show’s Mark and Jeremy but now their dysfunctional comedic relationship – and their exploits, again largely filmed in the Croydon area – have a dedicated and large cult following.

Although it’s not quite the Love Actually or Hollywood blockbuster we hoped for earlier this week, it’s still exciting news to have a film crew on our doorsteps.