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Black Mirror film shot in Croydon is about to be released on Netflix

Black Mirror film shot in Croydon is about to be released on Netflix
Dec 27, 2018 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 27/12/2018.

Black Mirror film shot in Croydon is about to be released on Netflix

St George’s Walk and the 50p Building, next to East Croydon station, are instantly recognisable in the trailer for Bandersnatch.

A trailer for the Netflix Black Mirror film which was shot in Croydon town centre has been released and you can watch the whole movie this week.

Part of St George’s Walk was transformed in April, with retro shopfronts for stores including WHSmith, Wimpy, and Pizza Hut all being recreated in 1980s style. Classic cars such as a white Ford Capri, as well as more shops like Chelsea Girl, FADS DIY store and Soleil travel agency, also appeared in the town centre.

Filming was also seen taking place up by the 50p Building next to East Croydon station.

The popular show, which first started on Channel Four but has since been picked up by streaming giant Netflix, filmed in Croydon on April 25 and April 27, and it’s fair to say there was huge excitement among residents – and general Black Mirror fans – at the time.

There has been huge mystery over the film, incuding when it would be released. Excitement has been building for some time about Netflix’s next chapter and the creator, Charlie Brooker, has kept pretty much all the details as closely guarded secrets.

Until now, that is.

The filming in Croydon was for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – and it will released to watch on Netflix on Friday (December 28).

A surprise trailer for the film was shared on social media on Thursday (December 27), and it’s fair to say everyone has been loving Croydon since the announcement.

One woman wrote on Twitter: “Wait I walked past Croydon and saw that WH Smith there! Had no idea it was for Black Mirror and thought it was just a very outdated WH Smith.”

Another added: “Just seen the trailer for the new Black Mirror. Amazing to see the sets and dressing we saw in Croydon coming to life through a camera lens.”

“I’m so in love with Black Mirror and seeing the majority of this one was filmed in croydon is making feel all the feels. HOME,” said another.

News of Bandersnatch ‘s arrival was leaked earlier in December when Netflix tweeted about it – then quickly deleted their post.

The trailer opens with Stefan, the young programmer, discussing the strange dreams he has been having.

We’re quickly transported on his journey – and fans are now counting down the hours until they are able to watch the film.

This is not the first time St George’s Walk has been used for filming.

A major scene in the thriller American Assassin, starring Michael Keaton, involved the whole of St George’s Walk being transformed into an Istanbul quarter in September 2016.

It involved every single shop in St George’s Walk being bought up for a week for the elaborate sets and hundreds of Turkish speaking extras being brought in.

Actor Dylan O’Brien – best known for appearing in the Maze Runner films – took part in the shoot in the borough.