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The Bandersnatch house is for sale and we really want to live in a Black Mirror episode

The Bandersnatch house is for sale and we really want to live in a Black Mirror episode
Jan 15, 2019 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 14/01/2019.

The Bandersnatch house is for sale and we really want to live in a Black Mirror episode

We just hope Charlie Brooker won’t start messing with our heads.

We went mad over Netflix’s new release of Black Mirror in December.

As if the creators hadn’t already messed with people’s heads enough, the new episode Bandersnatch lets viewers choose their own ending to the story by inviting them to select between two options at various points during the programme.

And even more interestingly, most of it was filmed in London.

The house lived in by the main characters is in Watford, and film crews were spotted in Croydon last year.

Sugar Puffs or Frosties? Viewers even choose which cereal he eats

Although you choose your own ending, the same idea runs through the story. (Don’t worry, no spoilers below!)

The main character, Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) is creating an interactive video game based on a choose-your-own-adventure novel (anybody who remembers the series 3 episode ‘Playtest’ will already be breaking a sweat.)

Naturally, we all went back to try every possible option.

Stefan starts to lose track of reality and the viewer is faced with a number of impossible decisions to make.

It’s freaky stuff.

But now we’re packing our bags because fans on Reddit have spotted the house featured in the episode actually exists and is up for sale.

The house is pretty isolated and surrounded by gardens

The Sugden House, where Stefan lives with his dad in the Bandersnatch episode, is in Watford and on the market for £980,000.

It’s a bit pricey, but it has four bedrooms, a huge garden, and it’s the house from Black Mirror so it’s totally worth it.

It had a make-under in the episode but is actually quite modern

Although it was furnished fit for the 80s in the show, the house is actually pretty modern, with an open plan kitchen dining room and chequered black and white floors.

The online advert, listed on The Modern House website, says the property sits 1.5 miles away from Watford town centre, on a slight hill surrounded by gardens and a terrace.

Sure it's nearly a million pounds, but it has a library?!

But the fact that you’ve seen it on TV is not even the coolest thing about this place.

Some keen-eyed viewers have spotted the house has a hidden symbol on the front that makes it the ultimate piece of Black Mirror memorabilia.

Check out the hidden upside-down Y on the front of the house

While the guys at The Modern House have been busy promoting the great architecture and local schools, we’ve been busy examining the windows of the building.

The remaining bricks around the windows form the upside-down ‘Y’ shaped glyph seen in Bandersnatch and in other episodes of the programme.

*Mind blown*

It was a blast from the past in Croydon as locals window shopped for 80's tracks

We’d love to add The Sugden House to our collection of Black Mirror filming locations around London.

St George’s Walk in Croydon was decked out with 80s-style shop fronts as the crew filmed parts of Bandersnatch in the town.

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Tim Longhurst@tim_longhurst
 “This showed up in St George’s Walk Croydon today. It’s not an archive pic. It’s kitted out with 70s and 80s music, books etc. Retro shop or film set?”

A letter sent out by Ealing Studios warned locals about plans to film, saying: “If you are unfamiliar with Black Mirror, it is a series of sharp, suspenseful, satirical standalone dramas written by Charlie Brooker.

“It is hugely popular with its audience and strives to use beautiful locations within all the films.”

Bandersnatch is currently streaming on Netflix.