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I See Media Insta Blog

I See Media Insta Blog
Jan 16, 2019 Shaking Hands 0 comments
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I See Media Insta Blog

Hey Shaking Hands. Moving forward every fortnight I will be posting a few tips of how you can improve your business’s Social Media presence.

This weeks tips will be for Instagram!


  • #Hashtags.


Instagram allow up to 30 hashtags per post. Take advantage of them all! It gives you an incredible reach to a potential new audience. Make sure the #Hashtags are relevant to your post otherwise Instagram will blacklist you sooner rather than later!


  • Message your NEW followers.


Every time you get a new follower, you should send them a quick and simple message. Only a few lines. Just explaining the products or services your business offers. A link to your website is also good to include in the message. These new followers are following you because they like your content or are interested in your products or services. The intro message just opens the door for conversation with your followers and is a great way for your business to build new leads!


  • Captions


Try and ask questions or opinions in your captions. It will encourage engagement and comments with your followers, giving you a bigger reach to their network of followers!


  • Convert your Instagram account into a business account.


You can do this in the settings section on the app. I recommend you all do this for your businesses Instagram account. It allows you to implement “Call to Action” options i.e. Call / Email / Directions / Website.


  • Insights & Analytics


Keep an eye on your Insights. It gives you a breakdown of your accounts analytics. From “Activity” to “Content.” One area I really like is the “Audience” section. This allows you to see the “Top Locations” of your followers (By City) / “Age Ranges” / “Gender.” These analytics are a great breakdown to see if you’re hitting your target audience.


  • Following Vs. Followers Ratio


Try and keep the number of people you are following smaller than the amount of followers you have. Users on Instagram generally have this preconception to judge how successful your business is by how many followers you have vs. how many you’re following. Yes it might be slightly materialistic of them for judging your business cosmetically, but that’s how people generally think on Instagram. I suggest you unfollow all users that are not following you back.

I hope you all found this useful! I launched I See Media about 8 months ago. We manage and run the social media accounts for our clients.  If you need some help with your business social media then feel free to get in touch.

I’d really appreciate your feedback for this blog, it’s the first one I’ve done for the Shaking Hands network. Please comment below your thoughts or questions. Otherwise give me a call on 07857214752. I’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have for your business.



Indy Chatwal

Founder & CEO

I See Media

INSTAGRAM – @i_see_media