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Energie Fitness gym in Croydon is revamping after its rubbish online reviews

Energie Fitness gym in Croydon is revamping after its rubbish online reviews
Feb 20, 2019 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by My London on 19/02/2019.

Energie Fitness gym in Croydon is revamping after its rubbish online reviews

It now aims to be the best in Croydon.

Energie Fitness in Croydon was in serious need of some TLC, and its Google reviews proved it.

One unhappy customer wrote: “Terrible gym, not fit for use. Equipment is dirty showers and toilets not fit for a mouse and poorly run.”

Another agreed: “Would not recommend this gym. Dirty, broken equipment, cold showers, sauna out of order.”

We have to admit, The Yard concept does look fun

But the day has come for Energie Fitness, in Cherry Orchard Road, to undergo an extreme makeover.

“Our gym is the underdog of all in Croydon, with a poor reputation,” said assistant general manager Danielle Zeeman, “We would like to opportunity to show the major improvements we’re currently making.

“This gym is going to go from zero to hero and will be the best in Croydon!”

Energie is currently in week 6 of its 10-week refurbishment, and it’s looking pretty awesome.

They're replacing the grotty equipment with brand new weights

The changing rooms are being completely redone, with the old equipment being replaced with spanking new dumbbells, plates and barbells.

And if, like us, you are in desperate need of a distraction whilst you drag yourself through a workout, the new treadmills should be to your liking.

All the cardio equipment will be fitted with screens which you can connect your Netflix and Spotify account

Netflix while we jog? Yes please

We might just make it through our run if missing the end of a Black Mirror episode is at stake.

The gym has taken on a brand new concept called ‘The YARD Club Edition’, and it will be the first in the area to train members this way.

Fitness fanatics will be able to take part in group training sessions, from boxing it out in Fighting Fit to sweating it out in Double HIIT.

And there will be no excuse to miss a spin session, with over 25 classes a week planned in their new spin studio next to the main floor.

There's still a way to go before the big launch

There’s still work to be done, but staff are hopeful that Croydoners will give them another chance and see the new studio for themselves.

It will still aim to cater to all budgets, with memberships starting at £15.99pm with no fixed term contract.

They just might have tempted us to start working out. Just.