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Driverless cars are now out on the streets of Croydon and Bromley

Driverless cars are now out on the streets of Croydon and Bromley
Apr 04, 2019 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by My London on 03/04/2019.

Driverless cars are now out on the streets of Croydon and Bromley

The plan is to have passengers in the self-driving cars in 2020.

The future is here – driverless cars are being used on South London roads.

If you are out driving or walking around Croydon or Bromley and spot someone behind the wheel of a bright blue car doing absolutely nothing then don’t worry.

They are one of the self-driving cars being tested day and night everyday of the week.

But don’t panic as trained safety drivers are in the cars at all times to take control if required.

Artificial intelligence firm FiveAI is trialling five of these futuristic cars in the two boroughs as part of plans to launch a car-sharing service in London, where you can get in as a passenger and the vehicle will drive itself.

It hopes to begin passenger trials in 2020.

FiveAI plans on having London passengers in the self-driving cars in 2020

FiveAI co-founder Stan Boland says “safetyis crucial” and the firm has been collecting road data in the cars since last year.

“We’ll continue to keep residents informed along the way, working closely with the London Boroughs and Transport for London,” he added.

The company has previously said it hopes to eventually create an autonomous car service that could help reduce congestion, emissions, incidents and the cost and time of journeys in London.

In 2017, the company was also part of a consortium that was awarded a grant of more than £12 million by the Government to develop software for an autonomous car system, a project known as StreetWise.

Future of mobility minister Jesse Norman said the Government was keen on seeing self-driving cars on UK roads.

“The long term potential for self-driving vehicles is huge – to improve road safety, tackle loneliness and isolation and create economic opportunity,” he said.