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Council approve new 18-storey building in Croydon town centre

Council approve new 18-storey building in Croydon town centre
Apr 05, 2019 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by My London on 04/04/2019.

Council approve new 18-storey building in Croydon town centre

137 new homes will be created through the recently approved scheme.

A huge new 18-storey building has been approved for Croydon town centre.

The council’s planning committee have given the go ahead for the residential development, which will take shape next to East Croydon station.

The application for the new build on Addiscombe Road, made by L&Q housing trust, was given the green light on March 28.

The development will include 53% affordable housing and will consist of a part eight and part 18 storey building.

That’s six storeys smaller than the 50p building, to you and me.

The plans have been designed by award winning architects GSA to reflect the character of the area drawing inspiration from local post war architecture.

Vicky Savage, Regional Managing Director for the South Region at L&Q said: “We welcome the decision by Croydon Council to approve our application for 30-38 Addiscombe Road.

“Our vision is that everyone has a quality home they can afford, and we see great potential to grow and expand in Croydon.”

Croydon is seeing huge amounts of expansion at the moment and much of it upwards towards the sky.

In fact writing about about Croydon’s skyline has become our bread and butter.

How Croydon’s skyline is set to change

In March we reported Vista 24 , a joint development by Telereal Trillium and Bellway, building 181 new homes on the site of the former job centre on Dingwall Road.

In February we wrote about developer Pocket Living’s new 21-storey building in Addiscombe Grovecontaining 112 flats, each with just one bedroom.

In January we wrote about the double tower skyscraper on George Street from Tide Construction, which will be 44 and 38 storeys tall, and contain 546 flats.

And how could we not have include the gargantuan One Lansdowne being constructed by Guildhouse Rosepride in partnership with the China Building Technique Group.

Once One Lansdowne is completed it will be the equal second tallest building in the country at 68-storeys.