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How to decide, manage and succeed through a growth phase!

  • Event Name:How to decide, manage and succeed through a growth phase!
  • Hosted By:Natwest
  • Price:Free!
  • When:05th Jun 2019, 07:45 - 10am
  • Location:The Business Xchange Hub, Lansdowne Road, Croydon CR0 2BX
  • Event Type:Seminar
  • This event has already taken place. You may not attend this event any longer.
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How to decide, manage and succeed through a growth phase!

Natwest is proud to be collaborating with ‘Engineering Business Growth’ for our upcoming event…

“How to decide, manage and succeed through a growth phase!”

Opportunity for growth can be exciting and daunting…

The decision to take your business to the next level can be a difficult one to make without knowing in advance how it will pan out! Yet if you want your business to reach it’s true potential and realise your life’s dreams then these are decisions you’ve got to make.

But how?

Which opportunities should you act on and how do you ensure you turn growth plans into the successful outcomes of more business and more profit?

In this seminar we will address exactly that. With a wealth of opportunity out there we will be helping you to first of all identify where the opportunities lie for your business, then consider which are the right opportunities for you, and how to be in the operational and financial position to realise that opportunity.

Is this event for you?

  • Have you ever struggled to grow your business?
  • Have you ever been unsure whether to push for more growth or not?
  • Do you ever see opportunities to grow but get nervous or hesitate?
  • Have you ever attempted growth but felt like you are stuck in a “catch-22”?
  • Have you ever lost sight of the best way forward?
  • Do you still have unfulfilled ambitions and want to reignite your drive to grow?

Any “yes” answers? Then we’re guessing you’ve been going for long enough to know how hard it is to run, never mind grow, a successful business.

So if any of the above resonates with you, then you will find this seminar a valuable investment of your time.

On this event you will:

– Be challenged to consider the question “to grow or not to grow”? And, how far and how fast to grow?

– Get insight into how to decide which opportunities for growth are the best for you

– Better understand typical barriers to growth as the first step to overcoming them

– Learn how to maximise on the big AND small opportunities for growth in your business

– Consider what it’s takes to successfully drive your business through it’s next growth phase with confidence

– Learn how to make best use of your own or external funding to achieve the growth you want

– Be inspired and motivated to reach for your potential!

We will be joined by….

Beverley Corson

Founder and Director of Engineering Business Growth Ltd. Beverley is a leadership and business growth coach delivering business strategy, business plans, business, leadership and personal performance coaching, marketing & sales strategy, campaign planning and sales coaching.

Beverley launched the “Next Level Business Club” with her Business Partner Bryan Charter 1.5 years ago and is successfully running growth clubs in Battersea and Wimbledon for multiple established small business owners from a variety of sectors and has plans to scale.

Robert Copping

Founder and Director of Sightpath Ltd, Non Executive Director of several firms including Engineering Business Growth Ltd.

Business mentor, coach and strategist, specialising in business modelling, increasing business valuations, business planning, business funding, exit strategy and planning.

Speaker and author of: The Heart of Business Success – How to overcome the Catch-22s of growing your business.

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This event has already taken place. You may not attend this event any longer.