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How To Drive Your Business To The Next LEVEL – Croydon – March

What is the next level for you and your business?

 “Take the time out to evaluate your business and see where you need to improve, grow or take action”. – Charmaine Mace, A property Cycle
Do you have all the freedom, time, money, profit and success you envisaged when you started your business?
 If not, do you have a clear strategy and plan for achieving those things?
 Do you want to move your business forward faster? Make decisions with greater confidence?

Maintain focus and avoid procrastination?

On this ½ day masterclass we will help you to address these issues and make a clear plan for progress.

 “After attending this event me and my business partner were totally clear on how we needed to move forward and what to focus on next – we’d recommend it to any business wanting to grow!” – Dom Thorpe, Wireless Fitness Ltd.
What’s involved? 

 • Clarify your purpose and vision for the business

• Learn a powerful strategic planning process and create an effective strategy for your primary challenge area

 • Learn 7 focal points to raise your game and drive your business to the next level
 • Business problem solving with other business leaders
 “Very useful platform to understand how to grow your business”. – Mike Schill, Smart PA
 Is this masterclass for you?
 • Are you a Business Owner/Director of an established small business with 1-50 employees?
 • Do you want to improve, change and grow your business over the coming year?
 • Are you frustrated by a lack of time, focus, resources, or an inconsistent pipeline?
 • Do you struggle to “see the wood for the trees” in terms of the best way forward?
 • Do you know what you want to change but are not putting it into action in the business?
 • Do you need to dedicate more time to working “on” the business?
 If so, you are in the right place as this masterclass will give you the essential tools and understanding you need to push past the day to day and move towards achieving your goals.
 “Time well spent. Explore your business potential.” — Robert O’Sullivan
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