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Shaking Hands Turns 3 @ FunHouse

  • Event Name:Shaking Hands Turns 3 @ FunHouse
  • Hosted By:Shaking Hands
  • Price: £5.00 incl. VAT
  • When:08th May 2019, 5-7pm
  • Location:FunHouse Croydon | 91-101 High Street | CR0 1QF
  • Event Type:Social
  • This event has already taken place. You may not attend this event any longer.
20190227_just drinks Funhouse
"Birthdays are good for your health! Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer!"

Shaking Hands Turns 3 @ FunHouse!

Three Cheers for The SHIP! After Penthouse Parties & Delightful Drinks, it's time to bring the party over to FunHouse Croydon to Celebrate with all our Members & Steadfast Supporters another great year of Business!

We invite you to join us for;

The Ball-Pit Challenge! With a 200,000-balled ball pit, we challenge all our Members & Guests to find the Odd-Ball out of Thousands and win yourself a Gold Bottle of Prosecco (that you don't have to share!) ;} Ping-Pong; Winner-Stays-On! Defeat your fellow SHIP Mates in a 'Winner-Stays-On' Battle Royale and be the first to 3 to win the Ultimate Cocktail! Who Wore It Best? Style yourself with the best props money can buy and snap a Polaroid Picture for the frame to be voted the New Kate Moss of Croydon! Find The 3D 3! Hidden within the beauty of the FunHouse Rose Garden, find the '3D 3' representing 3years of Shaking Hands and win yourself your Logo in 3D! With exclusive access to exciting venue features including Beer Pong and the Digital Photo Frame!

It is with great pleasure we provide the party agenda for the evening:

Arrive at 5 to make The Most of our Bar Tab! > 5:00 - 5:45pm: Initial Networking / Games & Drinks! > 5:45 - 6:00pm: Blowing out the candles with The SHIP Crew (3years in the making!) 6 O'Clock? Let the Games Begin! (Ball-Pit Challenge > Ping-Pong > Who Wore It Best? > The 3D 3!) 7:00pm Onwards: FunHouse is Open for Business! (Extended Networking & Extra Drinks Await!)

What's on the Menu you ask? Spoil your taste buds with:

> Unlimited Cinema Sweet Popcorn > Pepperoni, Spicy Beef, Margarita & Veggie Pizza's Then wash it down with as many drinks our Bar Tab allows (and maybe half-a-dozen more!) See you there! This event has already taken place. You may not attend this event any longer.