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Here, you can sign up to become a member the Shaking Hands Interactive Partnership.
The future of Croydon business starts here.

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4: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    • 1.1. This document, in addition to any documents mentioned in it, informs you about the terms and conditions on which we base the Shaking Hands Interactive Partnership (hereafter referred to as ‘SHIP’) and your membership within it. More details can be located on our website (our official website). We advise all prospective SHIP members to read through this document carefully, and to ensure that you understand everything before becoming a member of the partnership. By signing up to become a member of the SHIP, or by submitting a request to become a member, you are thereby agreeing to abide by these terms and condition for as long as your membership is valid.
    • 1.2. We advise all members to print and store a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference, as well as for your own official records.
    • 1.3. Any refusal to agree to terms and conditions will mean Shaking Hands is unable to forward your membership application to join the SHIP. This applies to online registration, where a confirmation of your understanding of these terms and conditions are required.
    • 1.4. All rights are reserved by Shaking Hands when deciding to amend our terms and conditions at any stage of operation. Members will be notified of any changes via our website or, following significant changes, via the email address given to us by each respective member. However, it is worth noting that members will be subject to the terms and conditions outlined within this document from the moment that your membership has been confirmed. The exception to this rule is when these terms and conditions are required to change by governmental authorities or by law, in which case, terms and conditions will stand to the greatest extent that the legal review allows.
  2. About us
    • 2.1. We operate our own site. We are Shaking Hands, a company registered in England. Our registered office at 23 Netherheys Drive, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 6FG. Shaking Hands is VAT registered. Our VAT number is 228 8456 75.
  3. Your promise
    • 3.1. By applying for or signing up for a SHIP membership, you warrant that you are legally entitled and capable of engaging into binding contracts, and that you are at least 18 years of age. Applicants and prospective members must operate or offer their services in Croydon, or at the very minimum have the business owner’s permission for signing up to the SHIP. By signing up or applying for a SHIP membership you are confirming that all of the aforementioned characteristics are true of your business.
  4. Provision of products and services
    • 4.1. All members will create, or be provided with, a username and password upon signing up to SHIP.
      4.2. In addition, all parties within the SHIP will receive a weekly or monthly online newsletter containing useful news and information concerning the local area. Access to all news pieces, articles, official notices, as well as SHIP event schedules for the month(s) ahead, will be available through the SHIP website and affiliated marketing channels.
  5. How the contract begins between you and Shaking Hands
    • 5.1. After being guided through the SHIP by a Shaking Hands representative, or applying for a membership online, you will receive an email receipt confirming that your application for the SHIP has been accepted. Please be aware that your membership will not be active until the email has been confirmed, and the initial payment has been recorded. All applications are subject to confirmation by Shaking Hands. Acceptance into the SHIP will be confirmed by a ‘Welcome to Shaking Hands Interactive Partnership’ The contract between you and Shaking Hands will only be initiated once the confirmation of payment and email verification has been sent via email. We will not be liable for any non-receipt of communication from our side, including non-receipt of confirmation email, or email verification messages.
  6. Term of contract
    • 6.1. The SHIP is a rolling subscription service, meaning that, following any preliminary trial stage, payment will be taken automatically upon expiration of each monthly or annual membership period. If you do not want to renew your membership, you should contact us by telephone 0203 432 2216 at any stage of your membership. To ensure that you are put through to a SHIP representative, calls or emails regarding cancellation should be made/sent no later than 5pm on the working day prior to your monthly payment date. Please note that throughout your SHIP membership renewal reminder emails will not be issued for your monthly SHIP payments.
    • 6.2. Upon cancellation or membership expiry, all access to SHIP product- and service-benefits will be withdrawn, including access to the member’s area of the website.
  7. Consumer rights
    • 7.1. You are entitled to cancel your membership with us at any stage of your contract. To do so, please call us on 0203 432 2216 or send us an email with the subject title ‘Membership cancellation’ to Please ensure that your request for cancellation reaches us before 5pm, Monday to Friday. Upon cancellation, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation, which we advise you keep for your own personal and official records.
  8. Payment and prices
    • 8.1. For members – Depending on the SHIP Membership Package chosen, the prices for Shaking Hands services will be charged as follows: For a Broadcaster Membership, members can expect to pay either £99+VAT per year, or £9.99+VAT per month. For a Networker Membership, members can expect to pay either £499+VAT per year, or £49.99+VAT per month. For a Collaborator Membership, members can expect to pay either £999+VAT per year, or £99.99+VAT per month. For a Pioneer Membership, members can expect to pay either £4,999+VAT per year, or £499.99+VAT per month. SHIP reserves the right to discount the price of membership based on the social enterprising or charitable status of an existing organisation. Payment will be taken on the same day of each month for monthly packages, or the same day of each calendar year for annual packages, and will be based on the date of the first payment. The price of membership may vary from time to time, and if changed, will appear on the website. The price therefore will be as quoted on the website, except in cases of obvious fault or during stages where the price is unavailable.
    • 8.2. As stated above, prices exclude VAT.
    • 8.3. Prices are liable to amendments at any time, but changes will not affect members that have already been confirmed via email from Shaking Hands.
    • 8.4. Payment must be made by credit card, debit card, standing order or direct debit, or by an alternative method agreed by you and us. Payments will be taken upon the placement of your order.
    • 8.5. Frequent late payments, where the member is late with more than two payments within a 12-month period, may incur an annual statutory interest charge. This is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business-to-business transactions. Please note, the Bank of England base rate is subject to change at any time.
    • 8.6. Where businesses are in danger of becoming insolvent, Shaking Hands reserves the right to reduce the payment period in the event of any member or supplier becoming insolvent.
    • 8.7. Shaking Hands also reserves the right not to enter into any further trade or service provision until member’s accounts are brought up to date, and any money outstanding, including interest, is paid back in full.
  9. Participating suppliers and use of membership code
    • 9.1. Upon contacting a supplier, discussing services and redeeming your discount with your custom SHIP code, suppliers will provide you with the service and, subsequently, an invoice detailing your savings, if applicable.
    • 9.2. Participating suppliers may exclude discounts on non-working days, national holidays, and any other days specified by the respective supplier as a non-trading day. Please refer to the individual supplier’s webpage as other exceptions and exclusions may apply.
    • 9.3. Arranging or booking services with suppliers should be carried out in a timely manner to ensure suppliers can offer their services. Please note SHIP members may not be given priority over other customers that suppliers are dealing with at any given time.
    • 9.4. Offers advertised on the Shaking Hands website are only redeemable by SHIP members, and may not be redeemed by non-members. Such offers may not be combined with other offers given by participating suppliers unless otherwise agreed with the supplier.
    • 9.5. Suppliers will always be checked by each supplier via the additional member verification page that supplier may access through the Shaking Hands website. The membership codes that have expired due to membership cancellation or non-payment are not redeemable. Active membership codes are non-transferable and can only be used by the small–medium business owner that is registered with Shaking Hands. The registered member may choose to use the discount code for services needed within the members own personal household. Only one home address may be used per member, along with one business address; beyond this, members discount codes are non-transferrable. Any attempted misuse of SHIP membership codes may result in termination of membership.
    • 9.6. The Shaking Hands website will be updated at regular intervals and we will endeavour to include any changes to the availability of suppliers within the SHIP. Participating suppliers may, without notice, withdraw or make amends to their own terms and conditions concerning their availability before or after your membership has begun, and we shall maintain no blame or liability for any such changes or withdrawals in terms and conditions of supplier availability.
    • 9.7. Suppliers that join the SHIP after you have signed up are also available to provide their services at a discounted price, if applicable, in addition to any rise in availability of Shaking Hands suppliers.
    • 9.8. Newsletters, news, articles and any other content sent out online or in print from Shaking Hands does not contain a complete overview of suppliers services, courses, seminars, socials, and other marketing resources. The materials we send out are meant only as information to members.
  10. Shaking Hands liability
    • 10.1. Unless we are seen to be liable for any clause within 10.3, we shall only be liable for the membership fee.
    • 10.2. Unless we are seen to be liable for any clause within 10.3, we will not accept liability for losses that fall into the following categories:
      10.2.1. loss of income or revenue;
      10.2.2. loss of business;
      10.2.3. loss of profits; or
      10.2.4. loss of anticipated savings.
    • Nothing in this document or agreement excludes or limits our liability for:
      10.3.1. death or personal injury caused by our negligence;
      10.3.2. fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
      10.3.3. any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; or
      10.3.4. any other reason, legality or matter which it would be illegitimate for us to deny liability.
    • 10.3.5. Where you purchase services from any associated supplier, any losses or liability ­stemming from, or in connection with, such services shall be the concerned participating restaurant’s liability. We accept no liability for any bad experience or bad service with any of the participating services. We will not involve ourselves in any disputes between you and any service provider or supplier.
  11. Written communication
    • 11.1. Various laws demand that some information or communications that we send you and other members should be done in written format. When using our site, you accept that communication with us will be mostly electronic. We will e-mail you or post notices on our website to provide you with relevant information. For contractual reasons, you agree to this electronic means of communication and you accept that all contracts, information, notices and other forms of communication that we present to you electronically align with any legal requirement of written communications. Your statutory rights are not affected by this condition.
  12. Notices
    • 12.1. All notices meant for us and sent by you must go to the head office of Shaking Hands, as stated in clause 2. If sending notice by email, please send your message to We reserve the right to give notice to you by using either the email or postal address that you gave us when signing up for the SHIP, or by any other means covered in clause 12 above. We deem all notices sent by us as received and properly presented as soon as it is posted on our website; one working day after the email is dispatched, or three working days after the posting date of any package, letter or correspondence. To sufficiently prove our sending of any notice, all we should be required to present, in the instance of a package or letter, is proof that the letter was correctly labelled, addressed, stamped, and posted; likewise, in the case of online communication, that such an email or message was sent to the specified profile or email address of the desired recipient.
  13. Waiver
    • 13.1. Any failure on our side to enforce the terms and conditions in this document will not prevent or deter us from later referring to, or enforcing, them.
  14. Severability
    • 14.1. All of the terms and conditions provided in this document will be valid and drawn upon to the fullest extent permitted by the court or competent authority. If any competent legal authority deems any of the clauses in this document invalid, illegitimate or unenforceable to any extent, the term will be severed from the remaining terms to that extent only; all remaining terms will be valid and relied upon to the fullest extent permitted by the court or competent authority.
  15. Rights of third party
    • 15.1. Any and all persons who are not a party contractually connected to these terms and conditions shall not have any rights in connection with it under or under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999.
  16. Entire agreement
    • 16.1. The terms and conditions, along with any document expressly referred to in them, constitute the whole agreement between you and us, and take precedence over all previous conversations, negotiations, arrangements, understandings, or agreement in relation to these terms and conditions and the content within it. We each recognise and accept that these terms and conditions are binding above all other previous held arrangements and, upon entering into these terms and conditions, that no parties involved may lean on, or will make any exceptions in respect of, any warranty or representation (whether made negligently or innocently) that is not present within these terms and conditions or the documents referred to within them. No clause within these terms and conditions limits or excludes liability for fraud, or death or personal injury as a result of our negligence.
  17. Law and Jurisdiction
    • 17.1. This agreement, and all of the terms and conditions within, will be interpreted in accordance with the English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.